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Pato Amarillo es la iniciativa popular es capaz de conseguir ayudar a personas y familias en riesgo de exclusión social, y llegar allí donde las instituciones no son capaces.
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Leticia Dolera, 36 years-old Spanish actress and director, is well known for her roles in many films, TV series and theater plays since 2001. Also, she is well known for her commitment to the feminist struggle and the achievement of equality of opportunities between two genders. To reflect her thoughts about this problem, she wrote a book called “Morder la Manzana”, in which she shows the patriarchal and macho society order while reviewing the history and the achievements of feminism.


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Maribel Verdú, 47 years-old Spanish actress, has taken places in many films, TV series and theatre plays since 1983. She won the prestigious Goya Award for two times. She is not afraid to use her voice to raise awareness about the feminist struggle. In her latest movie Sin Rodeos, which ridicules sexist behavior, she portrays a women feeling vulnerable towards society, and she states that the cinema is the perfect weapon to make the world hear the voice of the women.


Instagram: 184.9K followers
Instagram: 125K followers
Twitter: 125K followers
Facebook: 31.469 followers

Bebe is a singer and actress who had her Spanish breakthrough with her album “Pafuera Telarañas” She won the Best New Artist award, at the 2005 Latin Grammy Awards, and was nominated for five awards in total. Bebe is a fun outspoken artist who is active in the female rights and gender equality theme, always raising awareness towards the cause in her social media pages. She represents a strong woman that causes impact through her music and public personality.


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Manuela Carmena is the current mayor of Madrid. She ran as the candidate of the Ahora Madrid coalition in the 2015 elections and has been in power since then. She reduced Madrid’s debt of €5.6 billion by 38% in a year and a half of her role as mayor and is greatly respected by the population. Carmena is a strong woman that promotes concrete change for the city. She already has connections to Pato Amarillo and has visited the NGO before, which makes it easier as a potential ambassador.


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Michelle Jenner is a 31 year old Spanish television and cinema actress. Her most famous role was in “Julieta”, a Pedro Almodóvar motion picture that was launched in 2016. She recently caused buzz in her social media accounts when she posted a manifesto about accepting “the imperfect woman”. Michelle is an opinionated young personality that would be a great addition to impact a younger audience.


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